We are dedicated to stopping banks and other debt collectors from engaging in unlawful and unacceptable behavior. As a client, you are going to enjoy the fact that the consumer protection department at our law firm has a successful track record of recovering damages for clients. You might be asking yourself why you need a debt harassment attorney. Most clients have tried to stop the harassment on their own but more often than not, it has not worked in their favor. This is because the debt collector is aware that the client might have little or no understanding of their legal rights. 

If you hire a debt harassment attorney at, there are initial steps that are necessary to stop harassment. The first thing the attorney is going to do is send letters to the creditor to stop communicating directly with you rather with the lawyer. The lawyer will also ask the creditor to validate and calculate the debt. The creditor will also be sent a letter contesting the debt by the attorney. There are common scams that debt collectors use to harass consumers. Some debt collectors will issue threats by creating a false sense of urgency such as suggesting that they will take legal action against you or arresting you. 

If the debtor calls you when you are at work, it is against the law. Contacting third parties without your express permission is also against the law. The lawful way to ask for debt repayment is through an official written notice that states the amount of debt, the creditor and notification that you have 30 days to dispute the amount in question. If the harassment does not stop, the attorney commences a lawsuit at this point. When preparing the claim, the attorney is going to get all records and review them and dispatch private investigators to gather more information about the debt collector. 


Under the law, debt collectors that violate the provisions of the law are liable to pay the consumer up to $1000 in damages. The veracity, duration and frequency of the damages will determine the amount that the client will receive in damages. If the suit prevails, the attorney is allowed to recover attorney fees from the damages that the client recovers from the debt collector. Do not be intimidated by the debt collector, all you need to do is get in touch with an experienced debt collection harassment lawyer today.